September 28. 2019

Illustration together with a text by Kjetil Rolness. From the preamble; “When political correctness becomes religion. And everybody can become the goat.“ The text focuses on the recent storm around Canada prime minister Justin Trudeau, and I based my idea on one of the interviews that took place on board an airplane.



September 21. 2019

Illustration together with a text about the larger racist implications – especially concerning adopted children – of the murder of Johanne Zhangjia Ihle-Hansen. Killed by her own step brother who developed extremist right wing views the recent years. Implications we need to address as a country. My take was to capture a collective mourning over the loss of an innocent life.



September 14. 2019

Illustration together with a text by Maria Kjos Fonn, called “Fifty shades of Pink”. Preamble; Mental issues and eating disorder are often described in norwegian contemporary literature. Stories of that kind are more seldom in internet- and consumer culture.



September 7. 2019

Election time in Norway, the party leaders battling, and too little focus on local politics.



August 31. 2019

Illustration together with text by Anita Krohn Traaseth. Translated to english, the title reads; "Mirror, mirror on the wall, how are the perspectives in this country?" The preamble; "Optimism has a foothold in Norway. Which is important. But in the middle of the complacence we must prepare ourselves for unthinkable perspectives." Swipe past the first to pics and you can watch a timelapse of the drawing process.



August 10. 2019

Illustration together with a lovely piece written by Maria Kjos Fonn about the legendary Nobel prize awarded american author Toni Morrison who passed away this week. She has left us with a legacy of empathic literature, posessed with love for humans across differences and boundaries. I chose to have her sitting with her typewriter in a bloody cotton plantation field under a star speckled sky, where color and composition is based on the flag of The United States of America. This land of opportunity and non-opportunities and dark past of human slavery.



August 3. 2019

Illustration together with a piece by Knut Olav Åmås; "The city that doesn't know it's own best. Oslo keeps on building new signature buildings, vacate from public buildings which gives an identity to the city, and demolish unique culture heritage." It was a happy moment for me to come up with the concept for this illustration; Turning the iconic trash bin into a new building that devours the old iconic buildings.



July 20. 2019

Illustration for political comment by Kjetil Rolness in today's Aftenposten. The title and ingress in english; "From above even the inhumane is beautiful. If Y-blokka in Oslo is demolished it will rock the foundations of the esthetic elite. Do we dare?" My idea was simply to depict it from its rarely depicted unflattering side, the way it mostly looks like for non flying people, using perspective, format and crop as a visual tool. An anti version of the glorified birds view.



June 22. 2019

Illustration together with political comment piece about leaders in the public sector being frank and publically share their opinions. Which several politicians and commentators dislike.



June 1. 2019

Illustration together with comment piece called Literature should not be virgin tested! Among other aspects about all those who are easily provoked by authors writing fiction about things they themselves haven’t experienced. For example a hetero person writing a gay character. I myself think fiction is fiction, and that an author should not be met by critique on that basis. It should be based on how good or bad it is, simple as that. It is a beautiful thing with the empathy that ca dwells in the writing from an author who has done proper research in order to see the world from another perspective.

© Aage Peterson Skjermbilde 2019-06-26 kl. 18.09.37.png


May 25. 2019

Illustrasjon together with comment piece by Knut Olav Åmås. A snippet of the topic translated into english: "Journalisme at its best, shape our society. A shame that it seldom is at it's best." Among other aspects Knut writes about the lack in media on the covering of things in society that should be covered, but isn't, and strict editorial guidelines inhibiting nuances. The talk bubble in the illustration reads as follows: "Do you got something else I can quote you on?" My idea started with the metaphor of writing in primary colours, which then led to combing a laptop with the well known Brio shape inserting child toy.

© Aage Peterson Skjermbilde 2019-06-26 kl. 18.09.09.png


May 11. 2019

Illustration for political comment by Kjetil Rolness, about the paradox of equality among the sexes. A fight which has become quite one-sided in it’s perspective.

© Aage Peterson Skjermbilde 2019-06-26 kl. 18.08.39.png


May 4. 2019

Illustration together with comment by Maryam Iqbal Tahir: "If a blog isn't good for you, you should stop following it." Yes indeed! What a rewarding bliss to draw this! All girls, women, boys and men out there, give those who spread unhealthy body ideals out there, your middle finger.

© Aage Peterson Skjermbilde 2019-06-26 kl. 18.08.05.png


April 27. 2019

Illustration for political comment by Maria Kjos Fonn; A humane drug politic is also linked to feminisme. Women drug addicts with low social economic status experience a male dominated domain and the resulting in-humane consequences.

© Aage Peterson Skjermbilde 2019-06-26 kl. 18.07.24.png

April 13. 2019

Illustration together with text by Anita Krohn Traaseth, about seeing the commercial and aesthetic potential in a Norwegian wood as building material.

© Aage Peterson Skjermbilde 2019-06-26 kl. 18.06.38.png


April 6. 2019

Illustration in the new saturday section of Aftenposten, "Comment on a Saturday", debuting today, together with a comment text by Kjetil Rollnes, called "Salige er de rikes barn" / "Blessed be the children of the rich".

© Aage Peterson Skjermbilde 2019-06-26 kl. 18.05.37.png


1. June 2018

I've made eleven illustrations for the cover story of Aftenposten A-magasinet. Visualizing the 10-page story; "The Art of Failure" / "Kunsten å mislykkes", about starting up your own business, see it crash and burn, and the art of picking yourself up from the rubbles and be open about it. A massive task and a long planning process, where I aimed at creating a unified graphic identity concept with a flexibility for narrative flow and fun together with the text. Thanks to Aftenposten with Martin Slottemo Lyngstad for giving me such a great editorial canvas, and creative freedom. Text: Anette Aasheim. 

Forside Aftenposten A-magasinet 1juni2018 © Åge Peterson.jpg
Oppslag 1 Aftenposten A-magasinet 1juni2018 © Åge Peterson.jpg
Oppslag 2 Aftenposten A-magasinet 1juni2018 © Åge Peterson.jpg
Oppslag 3 Aftenposten A-magasinet 1juni2018 © Åge Peterson.jpg
Oppslag 4 Aftenposten A-magasinet 1juni2018 © Åge Peterson.jpg
Oppslag 5 Aftenposten A-magasinet 1juni2018 © Åge Peterson.jpg


28. October 2017

My debut illustrations for Aftenposten, together with an article written by Kjersti Nipen, about hate and rage spreading on social media.

lowres-Aftenposten-28okt2017- © Åge-Peterson-illustrasjon-1.jpg
lowres-Aftenposten-28okt2017- © Åge-Peterson-illustrasjon-2.jpg
Cover-Aftenposten-Hate-on-socail-media © Åge Peterson Illustration © Aage Peterson.jpg
Spread-1-Aftenposten-hate-on-social-media Illustration © Åge Peterson.jpg

Illustrations are copyright 2017 © Åge Peterson