Norsk barneblad
No. 1 – 2017

Illustration for the short story, Den vanskelege turen (The difficult trip), written by Berit Oksfjellelv. The story follows a boy on his anxious journey to the hospital where he will visit his mother who just got badly injured in a car accident. The end of the story concludes with him finally entering the room where his mother resides, infused in scary tubes and bandages. Instead of actually revealing this final moment visually, I decided to make a four panel depiction of key moments on his way to the hospital. All the way up to the moment before opening the door to her room.  


Layout and design by Aina Griffin and Susanne Brochmann.


Norsk barneblad
No. 11 – 2016

Illustrations for a short story written by Iver Flyum Bjørlo in the christmas extra edition of Norsk barneblad. A story called Nissedøra. One full page illustration and several vignetts throughout the spreads.


© Åge Peterson