The Escapist
Monocle Magazine
September – 2018

Editorial illustrations for Monocle Magazine’s The Escapist, together with a collection of six essays, called “Travellers’ Tales”; Whether it’s a scientific look at what jetlag does to our brains, a spiritual take on how pilgrimage can change your life or even the creation of a brand new country, Monocle has asked six people to share their stories on the theme of journeys in their latest issue of The Escapist. These fine essays includes “Nothing to declare”, by Dan Richards, “Step in the right direction”, by Guy Stagg, “The Good Country”, by Madeline Hung, “The science of jetlag”, by Matthew Walker, “Lost and found”, by Andrew Tuck, and “Beautiful stranger”, by Fatima Bhutto, who writes about several authors’ creative outlets, in the comforting not-at-home-zone of hotels around the world. Thanks to AD; Giulia Tugnoli. The illustrations are drawn in a combination of vector and freehand on a tablet, using a limited colour palette. It was especially fun making a group of individual illustrations for two different essays, stand together as a visual unity through a spread.



Monocle Magazine
May – 2018

My debut as an illustrator for Monocle Magazine, doing illustrations for three essays concerning transport; “Why the future won’t be driverless”; by Christian Wolmar, “Have we reached peak public transport?”; by David Bragdon and “My commute”, by Alan Maskin, where he recollects the bliss of commuting to his workplace in Seattle by way of The Washington State Ferry. Thanks to AD; Maria Hamer.