Dagens Næringsliv
April 5. – 2019

My five illustrations for the great-read text by Ingrid Røise Kielland & Kristiane Larssen in D2 (April 5th), a text about the growing climate fright and anxiety. The illustrations where created during a span of two weeks last month. And as it happens, three of them have something to do with three artists I like. It was a challenge drawing a melting Tellus with a smart nod to Munch's Skrik painting, and fun to add some Theodor Kittelsen's Soria Moria in the opening spread. Ah, and George Bellows kickstarted my wish to draw a boxing match. In this case a match between giants. Healthy Earth, knocked out by Sick Earth, with the human folly dead judge waving in the next and last opponent. Thanks to D2 AD Christian Hermansen for a supersmooth workprocess!

D2_Klimakrisen_Cover © Aage Peterson.jpg
D2_Klimakrisen_Åpning © Aage Peterson.jpg
D2_Klimakrisen_Enter_the_Sun © Aage Peterson.jpg
D2_Klimakrisen_Terapi © Aage Peterson.jpg
D2_Klimakrisen_Gulrot © Aage Peterson.jpg


Dagens Næringsliv
7. September – 2018

Illustration in D2, together with “The art of behaviour” / “Kunsten å oppføre seg”, column essay written by Kåre Bulie; A new art exhibition season is upon us. The book, I like your work gives advice on how one should – and shouldn't – behave in the world of art. For example, as I have illustrated, dressing as your art is big no-no. ...Or probably just a medium sized no-no in some art circles. And perhaps a big go-go in some hidden part of the art world. Who knows! AD: Christian Hermansen


Dagens Næringsliv
17. August – 2018

Illustration for D2, together with the essay “Andre verdier” / “Other values”, written by Kåre Bulie. AD: Mikkel Cappelen Smith



Dagens Næringsliv
3. November – 2017

My debut as an illustrator for D2, doing illustrations both for the cover and inside, alongside an article about fem-tech, written by Kristiane Larssen. Smart tampons, birth control on your phone and menstruation apps; Fem-tech tools promise women more control over their health – in exchange for huge amounts of intimate data. It is a feeling beyond bliss to have illustrations in D2, let alone having one that defines the cover. All illustrations are drawn in pencil, scanned and then given color digitally. Below you can see the stand-alone illustrations and later I'll add photos showing them in their editorial design context. AD: Jørgen Brynhildsvoll.

The cover illustration for D2, 3. nov. 2017.

The cover illustration for D2, 3. nov. 2017.

D2_Femtech-4 Illustrations © Åge Peterson.jpg
D2_Femtech-5 Illustrations © Åge Peterson.jpg

Illustrations, 2017 © Åge Peterson