Tribute drawing to Finn Graff

The legendary Finn Graff became 80 years old in December 2018, and Avistegnernes Hus i Drøbak celebrated his anniversary with a homage exhibition in January 2019. Illustrators where invited to make a tribute drawing to honour him. Below you can see my contribution. I aimed to capture the essence of his fine-tuned target aim, keen eye, use of symbols and graphic simplicity. Delivering beautiful knockout illustrations in the Norwegian daily press decade after decade.


Collection of drawings

The following is a selected collection of various self initiated drawings. Some are sold as prints and others are unpublished illustrations commenting on current events.


Brooom (November, 2015). Text in english: «I'm off for work then, love! Home again around 5 o'clock.» «Remember to buy eggs and Nugatti!»

Faces (November, 2015)

Censorship (November, 2015)

Sustainable garden (November, 2015). Text in english: «We are sooo going to win at the garden fair!» «For sure! We didn't even need adding fertilizers».

Bad vegetables, (November, 2015). This is a piece (called «Dårlige grønnsaker» in Norwegian), with several names for the different characters which proves very difficult to translate into english in a funny way, since it's based on Norwegian play with words. A few examples in english though: Cool carrot, barking kiwi, cuckoo coconut, puking lima beans. Not so funny when it's translated. Teasing peas works though. To sum it up I depict vegetables/fruit in way that is opposite to the typical «Eat your greens and stay healthy» kind of message. It has proven popular among kids at sales fairs. But anyway. Kids, you should definitely listen to your mom and/or dad and eat your vegetables and fruit. Don't listen to me.

Illustration for christmas card sold at different christmas pop-up-shops in Bergen. Santa Clause also needs variation in his diet I guess. English translation: «Could we have something else for dinner tomorrow?» And of course: «Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!». (November, 2015)

Instead of a business card, I've made something people actually can use as an object; a bookmark. (October, 2016)

Water color trees (November, 2015).

Mayor of Bergen up until 2015, Trude Drevland. Her turbulent last year in office, inspired me to make this drawing. (July, 2015)

August 2015 sees the world economics in danger, and the illustration depicts the main effect in Norway, where oil industry is the cornerstone of wealth. (August, 2015)

Mulder and Scully (January 2016)

Ziggy (January, 2016). Homage-drawing after the death of David Bowie.

© Åge Peterson