B-Open 2017

The new poster for the art festival, B-open, 2017-edition. B-open is an annual art festival in Bergen, where among other events — such as workshops and movie screenings — a wide range of artists open up their studios for the public to visit. The concept is still that of art access and transparency like the previous year, but with a new twist on design, illustration and a different drawing tool. Staying true to certain aspects for recognition, but allowing for a flexibility and the freshness evolution can bring forth. This year's illustration are done 100% in vector, opposed to the analogue approach with drawing paper, ruler and pencil in 2016. One of my aims for the B-open 2017 poster was conveying movement. An illustration with many moments instead of one. Creating a feeling of time passing with a repeated figure, trekking around and taking a part in the art scenery. Catalog, secondary illustrations and posters will be posted when they are finished later this month. 

B-Open 2016

Illustrations and identity for B-open 2016. An art festival in Bergen, where among other events, a wide range of fine artists open up their studios for the public to visit. The main aim for my illustration concept was to communicate this access and transparency. Presented here is the poster collection for the festival. Each within the same concept of transparency of different sorts. The illustrations are drawn with pencil, ruler and black watercolor. Colored digitally in post production.


2016 © Åge Peterson